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Thread: Template switching based on user rights

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    Question Template switching based on user rights


    One of my clients asked me if i can get the template to change colors automatically after the agents are logged in. He wanna have the main template as it is for anonymous users and members.

    I know it can be done by hard-codding the template files and use the {check_agent } conditional comments.. however, this is probably also the hardest and longest way.. having to duplicate basically all css just for a color change (red will become blue ).

    The other way is to load different templates, and i think this is the simplest way.. so, my question is:

    Is there a simple way , or and add-on already developed that can do that or can be modified to perform that automatically?

    I use O.R. 2.5.8 for this client.

    Thank You in advance.
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