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Thread: character problem in 2.5.8

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    Default character problem in 2.5.8


    My site is in Bulgarian (cyrilic). I met the following problems:

    1. Featured Listing Feed - Listing title is shown properly in Bulgarian but instead of text in full description field some strange characters (like ŠŸŠ°Ń€Ń†ŠµŠ» Š² Š¼ŠµŃŃ‚Š½Š¾ŃŃ‚Ń‚Š° ...) are shown.

    2. similar problem in contact agent form - when the form is shown for the first time all cyrilc characters are displayed properly ], when the form is being reloaded (for example - if any mandatory field is not completed) then the text entered in cyrilic by the user looks like ŠŸŠ°Ń€Ń†ŠµŠ» Š² Š¼ŠµŃŃ‚Š½Š¾ŃŃ‚Ń‚Š°

    Can someone help me fix these problems?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: character problem in 2.5.8

    Maybe this thread will help you:


    Open-Realty® DOCs
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