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Thread: Anyone help with template

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    Default Anyone help with template


    I have tried and tried to remove section 1, section 2, section 3 and section 4
    but it completely messes the design up. (I'm editing the main.html)

    Would someone be so kind as to tell be how to do it.

    Here my site "

    It may be obvious to coders but I really have tried.



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    Default Re: Anyone help with template


    I am still having no luck with the mods, I even posted the code on a code forum and several people have tried unsucessfully to remove the sections and one person said the code (in the file main.html) is completely messed up. Can someone here please take a look and tell me if that is the case if so I've wasted my money and will have to buy another one. I have contacted the site I got the template from but have had no reply.

    Thanks in advance


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