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Thread: Editing OR questions

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    This is probably real simple. I have installed OR with no issues and downloaded the wysiwygs. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make some simple changes like change the header image, copyright info, tag line and such. The editors do not include those sections. Where do I go for this? I've tried the files but maybe I'm just not seeing it. It can't be this hard so I am sure I am missing something. I need to use v2.x as my host doesn't support v3.X

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    OR v2.x is dead, and contains security vulnerabilities, so your host is foolish to force you to use something that can open-up your account to be hacked. Maybe it's just time to get a real host that can support modern tech?

    Do a search here, there is lots of info for v2.x going back many years, but not lots of help left for obsolete versions.
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    I understand Sandking. But I thought I would practice with the version I could use before I switch hosts. I am sure that the answer to my question would apply to either version. I wanted to be at least competent with OR before going to the trouble and expense of switching hosts.

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    What ever template you are using, simply explore the main.html and if there is a page1_main.html, try that too.
    Check the css files too, with a little html and CSS knowledge, you should be ok.

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    Thanks Ican, that was a more helpful answer.

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