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Thread: Making the calendar addon "bookingcal" work on OR 3.1.2

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    Default Making the calendar addon "bookingcal" work on OR 3.1.2


    My name is Marcello Ciao and I am using OR v3.1.2 on my site .

    I was using the calendar addon called "bookingcal" on the older version OR v2.5.8, yet after I updated to the new version OR v 3.X.X which doesn't use any more the "" the addon doesn't work.
    I have been trying to work with addon, but because I am not good enough, I ask to some one to modify the addon for me to make it work on the OR v.3.1.2, I will pay for the job as long if not too expensive and it is working with no problem.
    Also if you have any advice about a much simple calendar with the search availability function I will really apreciate.

    I also wrote to the creator of this calendar, yet this is what he answered me:

    HTML Code:
    Hello Marcello,
    Thanks for your interest but I'm afraid that I don't have anything compatible with that version of Open Realty.
    I have not even had the opportunity to play take a look at how the addon system works so I couldn't tell say if it is possible or not and, if it were, how long it would take to adapt it.
    Christopher Bolson
    Availability Calendar:
    Thank you!

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