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    I was wondering if I could get someone to write me a mod so that I could import listings from the mls here in Arizona. I would want to re-use it on all my new sites.

    Since the agents first enter all the text & check all the necessary boxes when they put their listing on the mls, could they then just use the mls # to import that same info into the listings on thier OR site so they don't have to enter everything twice?

    Could someone give me an estimate or let me know if more info is needed?


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    Yes, this would be great. If anyone has any experience or code to offer for the arizona mla armls, please reply. Thanks


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    I still need this done. I have a client who does not want to upload thier listings into or but want to import from the mls in arizona.

    If I don't find someone here can anyone suggest where I might find someone that could write the code?
    Just saw on another thread someone talking about sandking so I guess I will email him also.


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    Sandking is the way to go.. he has by far the Most (if not the only) experience with MLS imports. He also happens to be one of the friggin smartest guys on these forums
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