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Thread: Last ditch attempt for some help

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    Default Last ditch attempt for some help


    Whilst I do like OR I am having a few problems (as many newbies will I suspect) and most of my forum questions have gone unanswered (thanks to the people who have answered a couple). I am going to have one last go attempt to see if anyone can help and if not I'm reluctantly going to have to look for another real estate script/software.

    My site "" is not displaying the OR logo properly, I have checked and no updates have been done on the server, I have even backed up the template and reuploaded the whole original template (so that I know it's not any of the mods I have done) and it's still not working.

    If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.


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    Default Re: Last ditch attempt for some help

    To add to what I posted above, I have tested it wiith the lazuli template and that isn't displaying it properly either, so I think that proves that it's not a problem with the template I purchased.

    Just though I should update it because I noticed the thread in now in the template help section.

    The lazuli template also gives me the same error when I right click on the powered by text and view image, this is the error:

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    I have search and search the forum but can't find any posts relating to this problem.


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    Default Re: Last ditch attempt for some help

    Stop creating multiple threads on the same topic please. That's called crossposting and it's not permitted here. You also created another thread without disclosing your OR version.

    Undo any other changes you have made to any files. Re-upload OR again if you cannot remember all your changes. Something you have done has caused this problem, OR displays everything just fine after a clean install. If your custom template is in a uniquely named template folder, re-uploading OR will not overwrite it.

    Remove any add-ons.

    Also, if you purchased a template from someone, they are responsible for assisting you with it. Your problem in this case may not be related to a custom template, but undoing all changes you have made and removing any add-ons should return you to a working state.
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