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    Question Blog Comments Turn Off


    Version 3.12

    I don't want to remove the blog because I can use it to post announcements, but I don't want people to be able to post comments "" but I can't see a way in the Blog Publisher to diable this (as in WP), is there a way? If so which file do I edit?

    Many Thanks In Advance


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    Remove the comment section <form> from your 'blog_article.html' template file.

    Or, you could turn on Blog Moderation in Site Config, and while comments can still be left, they will not be posted unless you approve them.
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    Default Re: Blog Comments Turn Off

    Thanks Sandking

    I had it set so I needed to Moderate comments, I've had a rethink and decided it will do no harm to keep it. May get some comments that I want to post.

    Thanks Again


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