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Thread: Warning division by 0

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    Default Warning division by 0

    Hi, I use open-realty 3.1.3 with php 5.3.4 and it works fine just that i get this error:
    I used the search to find a fix but no success.

    Warning: Division by zero in /usr/local/www/apache22/data/birotec/plaiasgrup/include/ on line 2738

    Warning: Division by zero in /usr/local/www/apache22/data/birotec/plaiasgrup/include/ on line 2740

    This error appears in the admin section at All listings and in the frontend in index.php&action=searchresults. The images are there, they are displaying corectly but the worning is there. I set open-realty to use GD libs for images, ImageMagick doesn't seem to work with open-realty but it works perfectly with many typo3 installations that i have in the server.
    I tried to delete the images and upload them again, but still the same error appears after re-upload of the images.


    Any ideeas?

    Edit: This 2 errors appear for every thumbnail generated in the list .. for example the errors do not appear for the featured listing on the first page

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    Default Re: Warning division by 0

    What version of OR exactly? v3.x is not a specific version.
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    Default Re: Warning division by 0

    Sory for that, I use Open-Realty version 3.1.3

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    Default Re: Warning division by 0

    Check your site config "Uploads/Images" settings, and make sure that yoru thumbnail width and height are not empty or set to 0.

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    Default Re: Warning division by 0

    It seams i had set only the dimensions for the thumbnails but not for image display, now it's all perfect!

    Thank you!!

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