Hello, I have a problem, but for some reason I am unable to access the General Help forum. I can't even view that section, not just post there.

Anyhow, my problem is this... a couple of months ago, my hosting support company sent me an email saying they suspended my account because of some "mail spam" issue. I asked them what that means.. and they replied that one of my websites has a "tell a friend" function (my open-realty website obviously), and that this is causing the problem. They told me I should either disable the function or add a captcha to it.

I simply disabled the link that opens the "tell a friend" popup, and they didn't bother me for a few months.

2 days ago I found out my hosting account is suspended.. again! I told them that this is rediculous, they can't just suspend my account taking away my access to my emails, as well as some of my clients whose emails are hosted in my account. I asked them what is the problem this time.. and they didn't give me any specifics about the same "tell a friend function" but they told me it's the open-realty website again.

I'm pasting below what they told me...

"The messages were sent via the index.php script of your "kastelanos.com" domain. The software identifies itself as "Open-Realty 2.5.8 - Installed at http://kastelanos.com". I have unsuspended your account, but I have left the suspension page active for your kastelanos.com domain until this issue can be completely resolved. You should consult the manufacturer of your software to determine if an update is available that will prevent this from happening in the future and let us know what changes you have made.

We are not able to tell you specifically how this script was used to send spam, you will need to work with the software's developer to determine how this could happen and what you can do to prevent it from happening again."

In a desperate try to resolve this issue I hope that someone here can give me some information or solution to this, since I have no clue what to do right now. If I had time I would transfer all my websites to a new hosting server, as the whole suspending my account approach is unacceptable. Unfortunately I have no time at all for such procedure as I have a few websites with databases that require a bit more work than a simple file transfer.