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Thread: SEO Friendly Links Don't Work - No .htaccess-or file included with download.

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    Default Re: SEO Friendly Links Don't Work - No .htaccess-or file included with download.

    Quote Originally Posted by the_sandking View Post
    You should not remove anything from the OR .htaccess file. But, hey, go for it.
    That's not true. In my case, it is necessary to remove that code from the .htacess file, otherwise OR simply will not work. This is also the case with any others who have a shared hosting account that might have several .htaccess files in their web directory, and this is probably the reason why I see so many people have trouble with OR and GoDaddy accounts.

    For further explanation of why this code needs to be removed:

    "Further note that Apache must look for .htaccess files in all higher-level directories, in order to have a full complement of directives that it must apply. (See section on how directives are applied.) Thus, if a file is requested out of a directory /www/htdocs/example, Apache must look for the following files:


    Since I have an .htaccess file that contains the exact URL rewriting code in a higher level directory, then I do not need and cannot have the same code in the OR .htaccess file as well. Keep in mind that even though I have removed the code from the OR .htaccess file, the code still executes because it is present in my /.htaccess file, but now it is only executed once.

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    Default Re: SEO Friendly Links Don't Work - No .htaccess-or file included with download.

    Of course if there are other (parent) .htaccess files you have to make accommodations. Maybe the question should be: Why are there other pre-installed, pre-configured .htaccess files everywhere?

    I have shared hosting at several different companies, they don't pollute my document root with unnecessary stuff, so running shared hosting has really nothing to do with this. In the many years I have been doing this sort of thing I have never had a host stick a bunch of .htaccess files in my account. But, I also never use budget hosting, maybe that is why.

    The problems most who have posted here in re: slodaddy is related to their support, or lack thereof and missing common hosting features. You seem smart enough to work this out for yourself, most people who host there cannot and depend on their "support".. Getting slowdaddy to look at a server error log for instance, you could get 3 different unrelated results depending on who you contact there.

    Modifying the OR .htaccess file is a BAD IDEA unless you know what you are doing. If you do, then by all means do whatever you need to make things work.
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    Default Re: SEO Friendly Links Don't Work - No .htaccess-or file included with download.

    Is there a copy of .htaccess I should have on my / directory?
    I have seen several code segmentrs, but no full list.
    I have looked in my un-zips, but no .htaccess can be accessed from my finder window on my mac or my ftp utilities (fetch, and firezilla)
    yet I can see them on the server side.

    somneone mentioned in one of the posts about 'hosts not populating / with .htaccess files' but I think in my case I hacve remnants from formerly installed programs.

    So I know I need to delete .htaccess-or, but I still don't know what needs to be in the .htaccess file.

    I have also checked out the new transparent community, but only 13 posts so far and no mention of .htaccess.
    I don't want to try to modify it...I just need it in place so SEO will work correctly.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: SEO Friendly Links Don't Work - No .htaccess-or file included with download.

    I figured out how to overcome mac ftp progs (fetch and firezilla) couldn't see filenames starting with .
    I used terminal to cp the file to a name with no dot (or-htaccess actually)
    the ftp to my server, then change name back to .htaccess and viola...SEO works now.

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