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    What are the requirements for creating a template? I am very versed in HTML and CSS, but do not know if there are any special requirements for creating a OR template.

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    If you know HTML/CSS you are going to catch on quickly, all of OR's template files are XHTML and CSS. OR's specific template tags are simple to use for placing dynamic content.

    Examine the file 'main.html' and 'style_main.css' that exist in your /template/lazuli folder.

    Create your own custom template folder /template/mytemplate and copy the 'main.html' template file and the 'style_main.css' CSS file from the lazuli template folder to your new folder. Switch to your new template in Site Config, and make any changes to those 2 files. in 'main.html' keep everything intact above <body> and below </body> unless you are going to include a different css file or make other adjustments.

    That will cover most of the look and feel, if you want to customize other specific pages within the site, those template files are located in /template/default simply copy the template file (like maintenance_mode.html) you want to customize to your custom template folder and make your changes to the copy. OR otherwise falls-back to use template files in the default template folder if they do not exist in your custom template folder. The same with CSS.

    Template Docs:
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