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Thread: SEO Title versus SEO URL

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    Default SEO Title versus SEO URL

    Is it possible to create a new page with a different URL and Title tag text? It seems to me that when I enable SEO Friendly URLs, I don't have the ability to specify Title tag text that is different from the page's URL. This will make for some very non-SEO friendly title tags on all of my pages unless I can fix this. To clarify:

    I want to be able to create the following page:


    And I want the Title tag text to read something like:

    "Apartments in CityA - Find Apartment Rentals Near CityA"

    Currently if I try to use the SEO Title field on the page editor to specify my title tag, I end up with a page named "Apartments in CityA - Find Apartment Rentals Near CityA".html

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    Default Re: SEO Title versus SEO URL

    In my installation 'post title' at the top of the page editor gives the title tag, 'seo title' at the bottom gives the URL, you just have to change the text.

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    Default Re: SEO Title versus SEO URL

    sure is... Use the SEO links tab in the site config section and add your listing template fields. Below is an example of what I am using.
    Listing URI Slug:
    Listing URI:
    see it in action:
    Lee Forbes PA

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