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Thread: Integrate OR with Joomla

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    Default Integrate OR with Joomla

    I was looking for long time for an availability calendar for my OR v3.1, which was very important for my real estate activity, yet seeing that no addon with an availability calendar are available for OR, I decided to find a way to integrate OR into Joomla so that I can use their vast variety of extensions.

    Is there and link where I can find how to do this?



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    I don't have any idea about using Joomla, but I just did a quick google search for "rental availability calendar widget" and there seem to be a number of options that you could paste into your OR site, here is just the first one I saw, it is free:
    You don't always need an addon to solve a problem, for example I have a currency converter on each of my listing pages that only required copy and pasting some code that was freely available.

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