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    I need a website similar to, but using open-realty as a base. allows their clients to list rental units for free and only charge a referral fee when a unit is leased. The renter also receives a $100 Reward Card.

    Here are some key features that we will need:

    1. When client adds a new listing to our site, we also ask for a credit card number and check to see if it's valid. We won't charge until later.
    2. When a site member sends a message to a listing agent regarding a property, the message gets cc'd to me also.
    3. When a site member logs in, he is asked if he wants to claim his reward card. If so, he is presented with a list of properties he has requested info about, each with a "click to claim" button. This takes them to a form where they are asked if they signed a lease for the property and the date.
    4. Allow me to view a list of properties that site members claim they've leased and an easy way for me to contact the landlord via email or telephone to confirm the lease.
    5. When they confirm the lease, we automatically charge their card.
    6. When the client logs in and views a list of their properties, they see lease status and payment status.
    7. After I've verified the lease, I need a way to indicate that the site member is authorized to receive the reward card.
    8. Send a list of card recipients to a fulfillment center, which mails the cards out.
    9. Insure that no more than one reward card is sent out per rental unit per site member.

    Can anyone take this on?

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    We may have a solution that does what you want already. MODERATED - please review the work forum posting rules.

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    Looks like they removed something from your comment. Can you private message me?

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