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Thread: first time upgrade from 2.5.8

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    Default first time upgrade from 2.5.8

    Hello everyone.
    What tips/trouble can I expect when upgrading from 2.5.8 to current version of second party host site ( I haven't performed the download yet and have a few questions first.

    I installed 2.5.8 about a year go and have been pretty happy with it. I am now getting deeper into site development and need to do some things and have used some of the pre-installed templates.

    If I do the upgrade what will happen to my old templates?
    What about my legacy data (Listings,users, blogs, etc.)
    What do I need to AVOID doing?
    I am using a MAC, are there special requirements? I noticed the patch is a .zip file which I think is uncompressed using windows op-sys. will MAC unpack it?

    Thanks for any pre-upgrade guidance you can give me.


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    Default Re: first time upgrade from 2.5.8

    Read the OR blog and all the releases notes since v3.0

    Also, do a search here, lots of threads on this.
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