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Thread: opps, welcome screen

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    Default opps, welcome screen

    I was playing with the random_listing_horizontal tag in welcome screen
    It was working great and I decided to try listing_detail_slideshow.
    It didn't appear (blank frame) so I put the random back...I still have a blank frame.
    What did I do?

    Can I fix it?


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    Default Re: opps, welcome screen

    At all threads you create, please always tell us the exactly O-R version you are running.

    There is no template tag "random_listing_horizontal"
    Please read O-R DOCs:

    Notice you missed the "s" after "listing", the correct tag is "random_listings_horizontal"
    The available template tags you can use at main HTML template files you can find at:

    There is no template tag named "listing_detail_slideshow".
    But there is an Open-Realty HTML template FILE: "listing_detail_slideshow.html" - not related at all with this thread.
    The available template tags you can use at listing detail template files you can find at:


    Open-Realty® DOCs
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