I have been trying to solve this problem for about a week on OR 2.5.8
I have modified Autumn_candy to give me a wider screen.

I had a problem in my main.html...not counting div's correctly...some problems solved
Previously I was not able to disple search result detial, blog index or blog articals.

When any of those were shown, it pushed the screen down and displayed well below the menu (autumn_lights modified)

Now everyting is working except blog_index and blog_rtical.

There must be a problem in the html, but I can't find it. I have tried to compare screen source when the problem occurs and compare to screen source when it is working, and I can't tell what's going wrong. It could be in the css, I've changed a few things, but I think I did it right.

Could someone take a peek at www.eztwown.com
It will post random listings on home page. when you click view blog you'll see the problem


PS: side issue...I am working with my ISP on guess what... magic_quotes_gpc.
So far I've been told they can't change it...

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