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Thread: open-realty vs open-realty forum

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    Default open-realty vs open-realty forum

    I downloaded latest OR...I was sure I had to 'register'...In fact I thought my registration was the same as rthe login for this forum...maybe not....but I am trying ot open a purchase ticket...I was sure I saw a system like that somewhere on OR, but now I can't find it.

    So, I presummed that I had to be logged in to get to the ticket window...wont accaept my typical login/password combination so I asked to 'lookup' and entered my email(s) and it wont accept any of them...what's up?

    I am tryig to find out more details about professional support, and what that means...

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    Default Re: open-realty vs open-realty forum

    Hi again everyone.
    still somewhat confused.
    I found a way back to a transparent technologies screen.
    It knows who I am and let me login to the sales/support ticketing system (my computer remembers things I don't)
    So is transparent technologies and open-realty differetnt...stupid question I guess.
    So do I have differnt login/id combinations for TT, OR-Blog and OR; another stupid question I guess.

    So is it possible I have an OR-blog account, a TT account, and never set up an open-realty account???
    Serious question this time...

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    Default Re: open-realty vs open-realty forum

    Yes, you are really confused.
    - = Open-Realty Forums
    - = Open-Realty Developer Blog (you can have an account as MEMBER to post comments, nothing else)
    - - Transparent Technologies Hosting Company Website (Open-Realty Owner) - you can have an account and became a client so you can ask for an Open-Realty License (Free, Leased and/or Professional) and/or have a Hosting Account and/or buy their Products.

    Those are 3 different Websites with no integration at all.

    You wrote "open-realty account" - I assume you mean "Open-Realty License Number".
    This is something you ask to TTech to issue for you. You can have a Free, a Leased (Hosted Edition) and/or a Professional License.
    For each type of License, there is a different link/URL you can find at:

    All clear now?

    Open-Realty® DOCs
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    Default Re: open-realty vs open-realty forum

    clear as the muddy water after a flood.

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    Default Re: open-realty vs open-realty forum

    It's pretty simple

    Trans Tech = Makers of OR

    These forums -> Trans Tech's Community support for the Free edition of OR. Community = Volunteers

    Trans Tech -> Support for OR Professional.

    Trans Tech -> Buy OR Professional:
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    Default Re: open-realty vs open-realty forum

    Not yet...but I'm working on it.
    WOW, I am 'password overload'...and I have password manager.
    OK, so when I login next I need to make those entries into my pw-manager

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