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Thread: OK, I'm saflley beyond basic issues

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    Default OK, I'm saflley beyond basic issues

    upgrading from 2.5.8
    locatoin 2.5.8

    Location 3.1???

    I have gotten past dB connect and I have a very new looking c=admin panel. Several things I click on have "you must in setup administrative email before you can do that...

    I have type in it in a number of times, but still same result.

    Any guidance would be great about now...!

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    Default Re: OK, I'm saflley beyond basic issues

    When are you going to post the exact version of OR 3 you are trying to use?

    I'd suggest hiring a developer if you are really this confused about setting-up the Admin email in Site Config.. It flat-out says "changeme".
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    Default Re: OK, I'm saflley beyond basic issues

    Sorry, I'll get it right soon.
    I suppose one of my problems is I am so focused on solving the problem I don't think about what you might need to help me.
    3.1.6...but I'm past this issue now.

    I am trying to review/read pro post but can't get in yet.

    I originally installed free version.
    When I purchased pro I have a new 'download in my serves area.
    Do I have to re-download and re-install? or is there something I am supposed to do within OR-admin?

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