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Thread: Help with s3slider image rotator setup in dreamweaver

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    Default Help with s3slider image rotator setup in dreamweaver

    I followed two video instructions and installed the s3slider; however, images are not loading correctly. When site is opened, they are all in a line under each other, then move up into the area for the slideshow and after the initial load start exchanging correctly. Also overlay styles for text boxes are now working correctly. There is also a considerable about on white space on the left and top of images - need to know how to eliminate. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: Help with s3slider image rotator setup in dreamweaver

    I can not help...yet...
    How well do you have DW working? do you have the OR content tags working from within DW?

    I have DW trial installed and am not happy with results.
    I am hoping I have it configured incorrectly.
    My site is plain-jane mostly original OR template, but I am overwhelmed with having to manage all this stuff without a gui tool that works correctly.

    Also, have you used the new transparent portal? I hope they bring the knowledge base forward...its what's keeping me here most of the time.

    Sorry if I'm raining on your post, but I'm excited about someone else using DW.

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