I have problem in my site.

I have added jquery image slide show to main page as shown on:" http://tympanus.net/codrops/2010/04/...uery-and-css3/ "

But it not functioning well when I put the code as per the tutorial.

After analysing the code with "firebug" I identified the problem lies within javascript tags that contain inner CSS.

For example following is a part of the original code I inserted on 'main.html' file.

$this.parent().find('li:nth-child('+current+') a').stop(true,true)

However in above code ''marginRight" and other attributes not execute by the browser.
and all other stylings within javascript code.

When I view the source from browser it shows as follows:

.find('li:nth-child('+current+') a')

You can clearly see missing tags in the later part..

Please can any one tell me how to solve this problem
I'll give an detailed description with links to source files.

This is an urgent project and need to complete within less time.

Any support will be highly appreciated..