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Thread: Not Finished Yet But Almost There!

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    Hello All,

    I would like some suggestions about improvements to my new site.



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    Default What's important

    In looking at the first thing I see, here's my opinion.

    The Flash is too slow and does not add to my benefit.
    I came to see properties, not web design

    The list of Newest Listings shows nothing important to me
    City, County, State, Zip
    I already knew that before I got there.

    Why not
    City (if you have more than one)
    Square Feet

    That makes more sense to me.

    My 2cents

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    Hi Frankie

    The logo goes off the page on an 800x600 screen. It does this in IE and Mozilla so you have to horizontal scroll to get all of the Market information.


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    I do like the flash header but only for the home page.
    I think the rest of the site can better off without the flash header
    repeating itself. Is distracting and annoying after seeing it a few times.

    The red for the headers "Newest Listings" and others, is tooo red. I ran into the same scenario. I had used 255 just like you but it was too bright/irritating...just not good for the internet. I opted for a 204 red.
    Check out and you'll some different shades of red that you might like.

    Keep're off to a good start!


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