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Thread: little info needed on openrealty searches

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    Default little info needed on openrealty searches

    I'm working on a MOD that allows a user to e-mail the company, using a form, if their search returns no results. I want it to be able to automatically send the search query, formatted so a laymen can read it, in the e-mail. My problem is that I am a little hazy on exactly how the searching works in openrealty. I have tried studying the code, but I get stumped. how is that query info processed exactly?

    I know this is a big question, but I am completely stumped on this one as well. any help would be appreciated. thank you.

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    What a cool idea!

    I'm no code geek, so I'm not sure specifically how you'd go about it, but the search query is right in the URL:
    sq_feet-max=9500&home_features%5B%5D=Waterfront&home_featu res%5B%5D=Patio%2FDeck
    &home_features%5B%5D=Boat+Lift&home_features%5B%5D =Hardwood+Floors

    Since you know what search options you're offering on your search page, you know what the various search fields are going to be called, and you could do a series of if statements to echo human-friendly output for the variable and its value:

    if isset(price-min) echo "With a minimum price of $price-min";

    I guess the more elegant way would be to pull the search field names dynamically from the db, so that it would be a mod that people could drop into their site without customizing all the field names by hand.

    I still have trouble with arrays, so I'm not sure how you'd handle things like muiltiple checkboxes for a single field name. I'm sure the code gurus that hang around here would know.

    Overall, I don't think this would be too difficult. I can picture almost all of it (except for the arrays and pulling the field names dynamically).
    Sonja Ray

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    my half assed way of doing it is going to be to use the search query and apply string manipulation, but in the end i need the database so that i can pull things like labels and such, so that my clients can understand the e-mails they are getting.

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    Default another option

    create a form to send to formmail etc. and redirect the search page with the "search returned 0" to the contact page... you can set up a separate contact page for this...


    embed the contact form into the display of the search returning no results...

    i'm working on a way to implement your idea into a present site i'm working on


    if anyone is ointersested in the news ticker and the integration of the wysiwyg homepagge editor... let me know and i'll try to whip up a package


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