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Thread: entire site editing!

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    Default entire site editing!

    alright, first off.. i've got a connection out here in the middle of the mountains that would probably justify training and using carrier pigeons to update my site using squab FTP so i thought of a great way to update all the content (non-dynamic/php) through a couple of handy little pre-made scripts that can addon to OR!

    but remember my pigeons are dropping like flies and i have very little time to to write an entire detailed system on how to plug everything in... ah, what they hey!.. i'll give it a shot.

    first, i see quite a few requests about integrating a "blog" style of editor directly into the homepage..... well, fret no more... i have been doing this type of plugin architecture news plugin for the last couple of years.. and have a great one compiled. first off check out ADp the blog is the main body text... but its included into a table with scroll tags! no frames/iframes!..... the next part is creating a link within the OR admin area.. that allows you to jump to the admin area of the blog.... pretty simple eh.
    <li> insert links
    <li> insert images (from the web and from localhost)
    <li> insert formatted html
    <li> keeps logfile of all changes
    <li> and more!

    if anyone is interested.. in something like this PM me or write a reply request. it's free but "semi-complicated"

    another thing is the news ticker at the left side of the page....
    same formatting same options as above.. only, it scrolls!

    pm/reply me on this one as well....

    i have also tried to incorporate a full template based website editor... so that listings in OR (the URL link setup) can link directly to a page that youi can build online. i suppose it keeps the continuity of the site a little cleaner when the viewer isn't bombarded by 5 different styles whenever they goto an agents listing (plus.. a lot of new agents aren't as proficient at creating websites that they can control.... this makes it easier on them too)
    the script is based on l@bs coding of germany.. and took a lot of time to convert to english and mod.....

    once again.. if any of these sound like plausible additions to your already perfect OR driven site...... hooler out

    thanks to all who have made this such a versatile application!

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    Hi there!

    I've been reading posting from this forum for 2 days now. I found open-realty can acomplish all my request and I'd like to thank the developers. Keep up the good work. can hardly wait for 2.0 release.

    Anyway, some kind of html editor/blog/cms system was the only thing that was missing from the system. So, if you can share your experience with this, please let me know. I was thinking to begin my own system ntil 2.0 release arrive, but if you can give me something to build on, I would me much obliged.


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    Several older mods are still available for this stuff and would work as well in current versions as they did for the versions they were made for.
    Pages Mod and sql menu mod are the only ones i can think of offhand but i know there were others as well.
    Most take some installation but once in they work fine.

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    Ok, thanks, I found both of them before your post and if you say I can trust them, I'll give them a try.

    Thanks again.


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