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    Default database question [SOLVED]

    Here is what i am trying to do .. use 2 databases within the same site .. For example, let's say I had one database set up for homes and one for apartments. I made a seperate folder in my httpdocs labeled apartments and loaded a databse named apartments. Within that folder I told it to access common2.php (which everything is the same in common2 as it is in common.php) instead of common.php (because my common.php is the one I am using for "homes") Within common2.php I changed the database info to match my apartment database.

    I thought this would work. When someone clicked on apartment it would take them to the apartment folder and access the apartment database and if they clicked on homes, it would just keep them in the applicable folder.

    Well it seems that anyone that is registered to add a listing in the homes databse can do it as well in the apartment one.... anyone got a suggestion on how to do this better or in a different way or if the way I am trying to do it will work with a few more tweaks somewhere?

    Thanks in advance!
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