I'd like to use Open Realty as a Free Company Catalog/Brochure Download Service.

This has nothing to do with realestate, but this program is excellent and I'm trying to adapt it to my needs.

1)I'm wondering if there is a way for a user to download a catalog/brochure in either PDF or Word format, and then have the company who's brochure/catalog it is get an email with the user contact info to make a sales call to the individual who downloaded the catalog. I would want to get the same email that the company got or atleast have somekind of data entered in the DB so I can see who got what at the months end.

2) Does this integrate with Postnuke, not necessary for me but it would be nice for my project anyway.

I thought about using osCommerce for this, but I think Open-Realty would be much better for this.

3) Can I change all the field names to my particular application, it looks like I could

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks, John