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Thread: The Future of Real Estate Web Sites php? XML!

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    Default The Future of Real Estate Web Sites php? XML!

    sorry to stray off topic here... but XML is a very hot topic!

    I recently published an OR site,
    After I got a few things tweaked out, I went live with it, and started
    trying to get my index live. A friend recommended that I try the blog
    and ping method, so i did.

    I set up my blog and ping site, and got my site crawled in under 48 hrs.

    Well, as it turns out OR kind of scares off spiders. Not entirely, but, they sure don't eat it up - especially in the "generic" install. For one thing, all of my php? page headers are the same, which makes your entire site look spam to a search engine, not good.

    In all this I was amazed, that my BLoG, on the other hand, managed to absolutely blow away my web site for "search engine ranking". I obtained one Top 20 result at lycos, a #23 at and Top 35 at altavista - literally, overnight. The key words in my BloG, helped, no doubt: but thats not the end of the story. My domain has those too.

    My site itself was way down there ranking at about #123 - obviously there are plenty of HTML sites with (my keywords) that have been campaigning hard, the top sites are multi-domained, and also they are linked up to other sites in the 100-3oo links range. My blog blew one of them out of the Top 40 overnight. OVERNIGHT! No joke here,a site a realtor has spent thousands on, blown away by a blog, with no content overnight, at yahoo. What? that doesnt make sense. The fact is, the blog is still there ranking higher, a week later.

    My BloG, with literally no content other than a link back to my site gets a site ranking of 13?


    Cause search engine LOVE blogs right now, its hot. Fast XML document DDT standardized, RSS live feeds..add this page to my Yahoo even...Hot stuff.

    In all of this I began tossing the idea of RSS live feeds around my head... hmm yes thats interesting stuff, my listings being sent directly to my clients yahoo messenger, hey maybe even their cell fone. investors getting the latest...
    So then I though, this can't be THAT NEW, is it?

    So I went to and started looking around. Sure enough, they are on it. My bet is one day the XML standard or some hybrid like RHTML REHTML will become standard. It's making news.

    Heres an example of an XML data sheet:

    This is in, my humble opinion, is the way things are going. Static HTML pages, yea Ok, we all know they suck. Search engines can devour them, however. Much fast than playing in the ping pong endless bounce arena of PHP.

    XML? Even better than both. Added bonues: Search engines think its hot, your site climbs for using SET standards! you are rewarded for being a trendsetter. Remember the day when people said, hey dont do that, search engines won't be able to read your documents... THINK AGAIN! they love .xml
    - just lose the javascript LOL

    my two cents

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    Hi, interesting concept that you've worked out there. As we speak, I'm configuring a blog to see if this really works, and I'll launch the blog as soon as my site goes live on our domain.

    Just for your own interest, I thought that the search engine implications of having all page titles the same would be pretty negative on organic ranking, so a friendly chap here showed me the way to clear this up. It's actually very simple to get the property title to display in your page header. Check out this thread:

    You can also add another tiny mod to your listings_browse.php to make the alt and title tags of the thumbnail images display your listing title. Read this thread for the way to go:

    I'm very interested in what you have to say about XML too. I was thinking only the other day, that it would be great to be able to produce a 'live feed' from my website that other devices could 'hook' into. I'm going to have a play with this concept, and talk it through with a programmer friend of mine, and if we come up with anything I'll post it back on the site.

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    Congrats on your rankings. very Impressive.

    What's a blog and ping? Do you have some resource links where we can learn more about it?

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    A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. (text stolen from blogger )
    Find a description here;
    This blog page(s) is offer by Google

    You can use also your own scripts.
    Search in under blog of log.
    A good script, easy in use and change layout is plog find it here;

    If people post new articles you can set up a ping for it.
    That kind of link exchange. People ho set you in the pinglist of there
    blog can see wen you have add a new article (most by flag of color).
    Pinglist can setup here;
    There are also blogportals.


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    Thanks Marb, you're always helpful to the little people


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