i have until the 10th of may

i just spoke to my domain register directnic.com who i have owned the domain for 6 years with and they advised me i need to take actions before 10th of may in lousiana usa

theres a problem here - usa poeple / courts and such are basis to usa interests

i was told i could take legal actions in the uk, now it seems i cann't

how is a uk citizen such as myself with nothing meant to start legal actions in the usa

its a joke, the hole thing is riddled with errors, everything they take as fact is basewd on assumption

i have deciced to move onwards - i cann't fight a issue such as this

i have spent 100$ on renewals over the years, maybe 200$ on hosting and i'm not even counting my time and effort plus search engine promtional work

WSI spent 1400$ to go threw the ADRFORUM process - of course if they spent that, the adrforum will of course look on there interests over mine

this hole thing smells realy bad

theres no archivce of the true informmation available for poeple like us with a intesrest to study and raise any issue they may be incorrect

i plan on purchasing the domain name potterybarndispute.com and publishing my informsation, the dispute and my old site on there, so anyone in the future can study all the details, like the guy on nissan.com

i just wish i had more money to fight this - i have wasted so much time and the ADRFORUM saying
1. i hve no bonfide bussiness or right to use my website
2. and the say i'm using the website in bad faith
3. they say i trying to lure WSI customers into my site for gains, its rather strange that i had a site i never made a single penny from over 6 years

i must admit WSI have good understanding of the icann process and i do not

they provided information that was incorrect but looked upon as fact

in a normal court of law, there whould be a outcry for this kind of issue

it seems big bussiness around the world are taking advantage of these sort of process to futher the interests and gain assets for small amounts of money

its wrong, but how can i proceed - everything it seems is stacked in WSI favour