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Thread: Admin > Change "ID Search" to "REF Search"

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    anyone please?

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    Ok, so i found one of the erros... now it searches well for the reference with the following code:

    PHP Code:
    if ($edit!="")
    $sql="SELECT listing_id FROM " $config[table_prefix] . "listingsDBElements WHERE ((field_name='REF') AND (field_value=$edit))";
                     while (!
                     if (
    $sql_edit make_db_safe($edit);

    // first, grab the listings's main info 
    But, i have a lot of bugs:
    - If I dont make a search and i click on modify it give me a wrong listing information (maybe because it goes for the ID and not for the reference...), so i need to put something like edit_my_listings.php?edit=REF and not ?edit=ID ... i think... and the same to delete the listing...
    - And in "Edit Listings" i dont wanna show odered by listing number, but yes by Reference number;
    - And are you sure that any other info will be damaged for "having" the ID and not the "REF" (hope you understand what i mean, sorry my english)

    Please I really need this!!!
    I can pay you an hour of your work! please contact me by MSN Messenger to ... i need this urgent... please help me on this!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Same problem, urgent help needed!!!

    Now that my first OR Imo-Page is online, my client today asked me to change the search from ID to Ref because the secretary would have a lot of extra work to edit/delete listings not knowing the ID's of the properties.

    Now I found this thread but was there a good solution in the answers? something that already worked - without big errors affecting the rest of the system?

    A lot of code bits, even more bugs :-(

    Please let me know about any new or working idears on this topic and - at least a feature request for 2.0




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