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Thread: SEO Basics

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    Regarding Submissions:

    No, I don't submit to search engines. For a while there I was ping and blogging instead, but that technique seems to have had its effectiveness tapered off.

    Basically, if you have enough reciprocal/backlinks - there should be no reason at all to submit to a search engine. If they know who you are, they will come.

    One except is (for canadians). If a search egine (like Yahoo) has a seperate process for your nation, then I think it's very important. Another is of course
    It doesn't hurt to submit your main page and sitemap

    My site was published Dec. 24, with OR of course as the backend, and I'm #2 at MSN, and Top 15 at Yahoo. Google, well, I'm sandboxed. I have a really good feeling Yahoo is going to come around though. For Google the .htaccess mod for shorter URL's and dynamic Titles is essential. I am now at 177 pages listed with Google, which includes every last listings. It was, in my opinion as important to include the Title data in with the description. Google doesn't like repititious Title and descriptions.

    Once a site has enough backlinks (mine is at around 990) there is absolutely no need to re-submit to Google, Yahoo, or Msn.
    It's a lot of work to get that many links but well worth it.

    The rest is plenty work anyway.
    Go for:
    #1 One way backlinks from high PR pages (hard to do)
    #2 recip links from high PR sites
    #3 Optimized code on your home page.
    Don't forget local links

    OR, the main table structure, is, well very poor SEO. If I actually understood how to put the three documents together (one day I'm going to have to print out all three pages, usertop, menu, user bottom etc... if I could see the table as one, I'd fix it. IT is poor because in SEO, you need to get your keywords to the top. Use Lynx to see this in effect. I was at first going to dedicate a lot of time to this, because it is a big issue, however, after some thought, I just opted for having OR reside in a subdirectory instead of being in my main public_html folder. My main page uses a table trick, whereas OR does not. You can tell by how a page looks at Lynx view, if it is optimized or not. My home page is loaded, maybe even "too" optmized, I've heard rumors that can actually hurt you a bit.
    Check out my posts on css/xhtml. There are several of us creating css/xhtml templates for OR and the version 2 vertical-menu template is css/xhtml. I believe awddesign is working on a css generator for version 2.

    I think its worth doing a MOD for, if you want top 10, and your competition is fierce, other than that, its a waste of time. The other thing that makes me say why bother is, OR 2 is still progressing so...
    The competition is fierce and survival means we must come with ways to be competitive. If anyone is interested in forming a link network contact me. I have several projects for reciprocal and one-way links.

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    Local links is a good point!

    My home page has links to the city, the tv station, our cities biggest web site etc., and my real estate website actually scores high on the search for our city alone, page 2 anyway.

    this is a much overlooked point, but, on theme, relevant high pr outbound links on your home page does help. it puts you in the "peer group" of other "city sites".

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    New2Dev...thats great information... thanks for sharing! Heres a tool that might be helpful!


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