My web page is divided into a header and a side menu and a content frames. I am using Open.Realty with the Generic templane in the content frame.

I would like to have the intitial page come up with listingsearch and a single search field (CITY). Once the use selects CITY I'd like CITY to become the default criteria until that user logs out or changes CITY.

I've done the first part of this by changing, in listingsearch, from where featured = 1 to where rank = 0 and set my database so that CITY is the only field with a rank of 0. I need help with the second part. FYI (I'm not a PHP programmer but I'm pretty good at modifying someone elses code via trial and error and the info provided in these forums.)

The purpose of this is that I'd then like Featured Listings to only show listings from the selected city.

I also may want to do this with For Rent vs For Sale. I'm assuming that the same answer would apply.