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Thread: Install and Import? - Is this an option?

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    Default Install and Import? - Is this an option?

    Hi all, here's a fun question. I would like to move an older OR system to a new server. I figure nows a good time to upgrade them as well. What would be the best process.

    Should I install 2.0, and then somehow import the old listings? Is that possible? Or should I install 1.1.5 import the listings, and then upgrade to 2.0?


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    A little follow up here. I really tried to break the site with my different approaches to updating and here's what worked best for me.

    I needed to move one site to a whole new server, but didn't want to loose any of my listings, agents or saved info.

    I installed 2.0.1 on the new server, ran a sql backup on the new server which basically copied my old mysql database to the new box. I edited my config.php to the new server settings, and then uploaded it to the include folder of the new server. After that I just ran the install, told it to upgrade my 1.1.5, even though I had a 1.1.4 I think, and it worked great.

    I love the new system, so far it's sharp.

    Anyone have any of the virtual tour samples?

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