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    Default Blank Page after Configurator

    After smooth install of OR 2.0.4 and final configuration I had all pages blankout. All buttoms created a 404.

    I deleted the installation and re-istall everthing, after view minutes the same thing,

    Everything is OK until I use the "Open-Realty Configurator"
    After hit saving, only blank pages appear, this is the source: ""<html><body></body></html>""
    nothing more...

    I track it down to the content of default_controllpanel

    there the path (for Windows/Apache) is:
    instead of:

    If I change the path back in the db, same result.

    I made another clean installation and tried to edit the content of default-controllpanel from outside, it wouldn't take it, same for the admin email address. So I assume you re-write some php files on the fly.

    After modfying the index.php to ignore the admin email to surpress the error message, all buttoms and links are working fine. Until I touch the configure file. Then again blank pages.

    I did check (and change) the common file, but still I can't make the pages visible again.

    I did not install it on Linux (yet), but I think there it's working fine.

    Thanks for the nice job and make them open source



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    Default Bug on Bug Report

    I know that I placed a bug report for 2.0.04 under 1.xx
    simple reason that i'm not able to login in the bug reportfor 2.0, i created twice an user and received for both confirmation...

    So bug on bug ???




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