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Thread: Problem with the following text: {listing_title}

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    Default Problem with the following text: {listing_title}

    I have installed and am trying to prepare for use the following website:

    Best Branson Realty

    I entered in the "User", and then the listing under that User. When you click on the featured listing, it takes you to a close up view of that listing. At the top it shows this:

    Listed by {listing_agent_name}

    It can be found on this page:

    I am using OR 2.0

    Any help on how I can correct this?

    Please advise, Thanks!
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    Sounds like you are using a template from newer version of open-realty 2.0.x on an older 2.0.x install. i think the template tag changed at like version 2.0.6


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