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Thread: Cool Things.

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    1. We just hit 300 Reigstered Users on the Forums.

    2. Jon Roig is going to start working on open-realty some. See his announcment cle&sid=126&mode=thread&order=0&th old=0

    3. We got a very small mention on slashdot, which is cool. See Here

    4. This weekend i am going to stop work on open-realty 1.1.X exepect to fix major bug and security problems, and start focus on open-realty 2.0. Expect more info on 2.0 in the next week.

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    Many thanks to your efforts and others.

    When version 2 is up, will it be easy for 1.1.1 version to upgrade to that?
    Else will be a headache to reinstall and remodify the pages again.
    I am thinking of installing 1.1.1 now, should I hold back for a week or so for version 2?


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    2.0 wont be ready for a coupel of months, i am jsut starting work on it, and it is going ot be a total rewrite. Yes i will support upgrades from 1.1.X to 2.0, but by all means don't wait install 1.1.X now.

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