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Thread: Problem uploading photo

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    Unhappy Problem uploading photo

    I'm trying to upload a photo and I'm getting the error message "the file is too large". However, the photo is only about 7K and I allow up to 100 K (specified in site config). It is also only about 150 pixels wide and I allow up to 700.

    Here is the background:
    I currently have 3 agents. The first agent has about 700 properties and about 3500 photos. The third agent has not added yet. The second agent has just started adding properties and encountered this problem on his 3rd property. He sent me an EMAIL and I find the same problem --- I cannot add any photos.

    Any suggestions as to the issue? Is there somewhere in OR where one specifies a maximum capacity for the photos as a total?

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    Default Re: Problem uploading photo

    Shoot me an email with the photos you're trying to upload.. the agent that you are trying to upload for and admin login to your site so I can check out the config for that agent and the site's settings.


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    Default Re: Problem uploading photo

    Mick and I have looked at it and haven't solved the problem yet.

    However, I was working on it again tonight and found that I can upload images, provided they are less than 5K in size. I had previously set the maximum image file size to 100,000 and maximum image size to 700, so I should be able to handle much bigger than this. Until recently I could.

    I tried increasing the image file size to 105000 just on the off-chance that the image file size was corrupted. No difference.

    So, technically I can upload files. In practical terms, this is of no benefit as the file size of 5K is too small. However, it does seen to narrow down the problem to OR thinking that files over 5K exceed the limit.

    Any ideas?


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