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    I would like an option like this:

    depending on the rights of an agent he/she can set what info is 'directly' shown on the website
    for example town yes, street no, show agents name, phone no, etc
    when an authorised user logs in he/she can see the complete info about the real estate

    admin can set the following rights to the agent (all optional)
    for example
    put listings
    select info to show (or just default set by admin)
    can authorise users (or not)
    maximum listings

    the same idea for agents
    the admin can set what items can be shown by an agen

    i once had a script made for me by some russian programmers that could do things like this, but there were some other things that made it no usefull anymore.
    if OR want i can sent the script to them so they can use the ideas..

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    If this was a script made to suit Open-Realty at any version level i am sure the designers would be interested in it.
    You can at minimum send it to me or i am sure Ryan.

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