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    Hey kids!

    I found a banner rotator that I really like - nothing fancy - it's perfect for my needs. I would like this script to be on the top of every page under my site logo (using OS out-of-the box right now) so that I can promote financing. All I get is a broken image.

    I'm sure it's a simple fix? Any help?

    The sample script is attched.

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    I assume you have modified you main.html

    Can you paste here the code you are using to display the banners?

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    Exactly as it is in the zipped attachment:

    <APPLET width=468 height=60 codebase=. code=Acoola.class archive=acoola.jar>
    <param name="image1" value="_demo1.gif">
    <param name="link1" value="">
    <param name="delay1" value="7">
    <param name="image2" value="_demo2.gif">
    <param name="link2" value="">
    <param name="delay2" value="3">
    <param name="image3" value="_demo3.gif">
    <param name="link3" value="">
    <param name="image4" value="_demo4.gif">
    <param name="link4" value="">
    <param name="delay4" value="10">
    <param name="XScrollDelay" value="3">
    <param name="YScrollDelay" value="10">
    <param name="TransformDelay" value="2">
    <param name="DissolveStepsNumber" value="100">
    <param name="DefaultDelay" value="10">
    <param name="BannerReloadPeriod" value="40">
    <param name="DownloadTimeout" value="50">
    <param name="MaximumLoadedBanners" value="5">
    <param name="RandomSequence" value="1">


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